Somalia Government Order Airlines to Transfer Hajj Pilgrimage Money to a Suspect Account including Somaliland Pilgrims



The rogue Somalia regime is at it again this time it has ordered airlines ferrying pilgrims to Islam holy site Mecca to deposit pilgrimage money into a suspect account owned by that country ministry of religious affairs. The Somalia regime has established a new office and christened it (Pilgrimage Affairs) the suspect office confirmed that it represents the Somalia government ministry of religious affairs. The aforementioned office has prepared memorandums of understanding forms to be filled by airlines plying the lucrative Mecca route.

Worse still, the suspect agreement instruct airlines to forward the travel expense of every pilgrim amounting to $3300 per head. Hence the pilgrims’ ticket money will fall into the wrong hand since the Somalia government does not have a transparent system of accountability.

This year pilgrims are about 9900 in number of which 3000 of them are from the Republic of Somaliland, thence the rogue Somalia regime wants the pilgrimage money of Somaliland pilgrims to be deposited in the suspect account.

The government of Somaliland seems to be in the dark following Somalia’s government ploy to harass airlines to hand over air tickets money to a suspicious office created by crooks to fleece the innocent pilgrims from Somaliland of their hard earned monies.

This is yet another clandestine plan of the Somalia government to hijack the pilgrimage affairs of the people of Somaliland.



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