Somaliland authority uncover expired wheat flour



BERBERA–The Somaliland agency in charge of quality control uncovered faulty wheat flour which was imported from overseas. This was disclosed by Mr. Muse Yusuf, head of quality control and said that his agency has intercepted a vessel which docked at Berbera port carrying expired wheat.

The agency chairman said that once investigations were done it became quite clear that it was unsuitable for human consumption as far as our safety d health food standards are concerned. The chairman said that they gave the firm two choices either to hand over the faulty floor so that it will be burnt or to load it back to vessel and they chose the second.

Mr. Musa has said that his authority sent the vessel back and they wrote an official letter to the company that imported the faulty flour reprimanding that they have to comply with food safety standards and must refrain from bringing expired food items in Somaliland.


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