Somaliland: The Int’l Community agrees the presence of armed forces in Tuke Raq- army chief



Tuke Raq- The army chief Brigadier General Nuh Ismail Tani has spoken the time it has taken the armed forces to reach Tuke Raq since its inception in the 1991. The army chief stated that a lot of efforts were made to secure the borders of Somaliland particularly the one in Sool region where now the army is based in area that lies 7 km away from Tuke Raq. Hon. Tani said that starting from Burco, the army spent 21 years to reach and build barrack in Tuke Raq. The Somaliland president Hon. Musa Bihi Abdi ordered the army chief to station the defense forces in Tuke Raq and is in conformity with the acceptance of the international community. There are 55 km that is left for Somaliland army to reach and secure the border with Somalia particularly in Garowe but Somaliland is yearning for peace and does not want to engage war with its neighbor.



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