Somaliland: Media urged to refrain from spreading news that will stir up racial hatred on El Afwein animosity



HARGEISA– Somaliland government has warned all media outlets not to disseminate news that has not been issued by the commission tasked to resolve the animosity in El Afweyn.

According to a press statement from the information & national guidance ministry issued on Tuesday stated clearly that all citizens and practicing journalists must do their utmost to refrain from publishing news stories that will stir up racial hatred against the two brotherly clans that waged war against each other. It is said that this would likely have a negative consequence on the ongoing efforts to bring peace among the ethnic clans that skirmished in El Afwein. Somaliland over the past decades is praised for its peace loving community which is keen to live side by side in peace and stability with its neighbor. The press release urges all independent media to play a lion’s share when it comes to the ongoing efforts to make a lasting peace among the warring clans in El Afweyn.

It is also urged media outlets to refrain from disseminating news on military secrets unless the defense forces issue a press statement as there are laws that forbid that media to publish private military news. The press statement urges all media outlets in Somaliland to do their utmost to stop spreading news particularly the war in Tuka Raq between Somaliland and Puntland. The media can publish stories issued by military spokesman.




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