Somalia: Civil Aviation Director dismissed over controversial scandal



MOGADISHU–The Somali minister of aviation and air transport, Mohamed Abdulahi Salad, has on Tuesday dismissed the aviation managing director, Hon. Yusuf Abdi Abdule.

This was disclosed in a press statement citing that the agency needs transformation and speed up the agency’s services. The statement has not cited clearly the reason behind the sacking of the director of Somalia’s civil Aviation and Meteorology authority (SCAMA). SCAMA is based in Aden Abdulle airport and is about to control the airspace after takeover from ICAO as claimed by Somalia authority. Deputy director of SCAMA, Hon. Ahmed Moalim Hasan is to replace his predecessor. It is not confirmed but sources said that he was removed after reaching a covert deal with local private airlines providing Hajj services to pilgrims.



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