Somaliland: Work Begins on the installation of water supply pipeline for Ahmed Dhagah & Mohamud Haybe villages



HARGEISA– The work commences on water supply pipeline for Ahmed Dhagah and Mohamud Haybe villages in the south of Hargeisa, Somaliland capital. The project kicked off digging the ground where the water supply pipelines will be installed and water storage facility will be erected as far as water expansion work is concerned.

Hargeisa Water Supply Agency is in charge of the installation of pipelines and Somaliland Beverage Industry (SBI) is funding the implementation of the project in conjunction with Hargeisa city Council. According to reports indicate that the project is on its final stages as work is to be concluded sooner rather than later. Thousands of citizens in Hargeisa particularly those reside in the south did not have access to drinking water supplied by the government and from now on the residents will be enthusiastic about getting safe drinking water.





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