Somaliland: An Indian guy working at the ministry of information converts into Islam



Mr. Rave Sonsukar, is an Indian by nationality and has been working in the National Printing Press Agency in Somaliland for more than six years at the ministry of information. The 32 years old has converted to Islam on last Friday and embraced Islam by pronouncing the Shahada “There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God”. Mr. Rave has been named as Mohamed Khalid as his new name. He specialized in designing in printing media and has learnt the Somali culture.

His Somali coworkers have devoted a lot of time so that he was given chance to learn the Islamic religion. He was given the holy Kuran written in English. Mr. Mohamed has said that he listened Quran recitation during the holy month of Ramadan which prompted him to convert into Islam. He stated that he felt a lot of calm while listened to Quran and one day came to the conclusion that he has to convert. He said that Islamic religion is only one which is based on facts rather than illusions.

He added that Islam is better than all other religions and said that it is a religion of one helping his brother. Mr. Mohamed has further stated that he does not know Quran but will learn. Hon. Mohamed Adan, an Iman who read the Shahada for the Indian guy has expressed his happiness over the conversion. The former State owned newspaper (Dawan) chairman, Mr. Mohamed Osman Mire Sayid was responsible for the Indian guy to change his religion.



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