Puntland militia gun down regional commander of Somaliland’s armed forces

HARGEISA– Puntland militia ambushed and gunned down Taleh regional commander for Somaliland’s Armed forces Lieutenant Colonel Sulieman Abdi Ateye and Taleh regional mayor also was wounded in the ambush attack conducted by pro Puntland militia soldiers.
 Somaliland’s Water resources minister. Hon. Suleiman Ali Kore has confirmed the death regional commander of the defense forces and that Taleh mayor, has sustained injurious over the ambush.  He announced that this was a well planned and executed plot intended to assassinate Somaliland Taleh regional officials. The minister has said that the officials were in Somaliland territory distributing food aid and medical supplies to needy families in the region.
The water affairs minister has asserted that Haysimo regional mayor is in critical situation as he is suffering from broken bones and gunshot wounds.
It is confirmed that the unidentified militia soldiers have chased Haysimo regional governor for 30 km while firing bullets on him but he escaped unharmed.
The minister has spoken against the barbaric assassinations targeting Somaliland officials in Haysimo while he reminded that the residents in Haysimo won’t forget the previous killing and abduction conducted by pro Puntland militia forces.
Somaliland will take the right action said that minister.


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