The British Govt Clarifies the stance on Somaliland’s cooperation



The UK government has explained the bilateral cooperation with the republic of Somaliland.

Members of British parliamentarian have questioned Ms. Penny Mordaunt,  Secretary of State for International Development on why the UK government has not supportive to Somaliland’s quest for statehood. The members of British parliament have said that the UK enjoyed long standing friendship with Somaliland over the past decades.

Hon. Bob Stewart, a member of British parliament who is elected in Beckenham constituency in south east of London has told that he has seen with his eyes the republic of Somaliland on a visit and said that it used to a British protectorate.

The MP who is also a member of the conservative party has asked the secretary of state for int’l development, Ms. Penny why not the UK government has not made its stance clear on Somaliland as it is a long standing ally in the region. First of all, Ms. Penny has thanked the MP for putting the question on Somaliland to her. Mr. Penny has announced that the UK govt is providing aid to Somaliland on the areas of socio-economic development, humanitarian aid, and further reiterated that the UK govt is committed to support Somaliland on its nationality security affairs and combating piracy and terrorism in the region.

Secondly, UK’s State secretary for int’l development has said that the UK govt provides assistance to National Election Commission which is in-charge of conducting free and fair elections in the country. Hon. Bob Stuwart is among rare British parliamentarians who is a close ally to Somaliland and lobbies its quest for statehood. He has been serving as an MP since 2010. The UK govt has assisted the independent observers in November presidential polls and it is said that the polls were free and fair.



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