Somaliland: 27 people cured after drinking contaminated milk



ERIGAVO– 27 people have have been admitted at clinic in Xin Galol district after reportedly drinking contaminated milk during a wedding ceremony.

Speaking on phone after visiting the victims, Sanaag regional governor Hon. Mohamed Ahmed Alin alias “Timbaro” has confirmed the report. Mr. Timbaro said that on last Wednesday night that they heard about the 27 people who got ill after drinking poisoned milk while attending a wedding ceremony. Sanaag’s provincial commissioner has said that an emergency medical team dispatched to the district to provide medical attention to the victims. He said that once they drank the milk at the ceremony then they started complaining of diarrhea, and further stated that they drank while they did not know a snake fell in.

Mr. Timbaro, Sanaag’s regional governor went on to say that all 27 people have been cured and are in good health at the moment as far as their condition is concerned. He stated that there are no individuals who are either in a critical condition or has been pronounced dead.In addition, the governor has asserted that they distributed food rations families impacted by the recent drought that hit the region. More than 800 families in Gar Adag have received the food aid while 1000 families in El Afwein also benefited the food aid donated by Al Khar Foundation which is a humanitarian organization based in the UAE.





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