Somaliland Government Applauded for Treating Somalia’s POW in a Humane Manner




Press Statement

The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has welcomed a delegation from the international Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) in his office at presidential palace. The delegation was led by the head of ICRC Mr.Simon Brooks. The president discussed with the ICRC delegation pertaining the general situation of the country. They also touched on the proposal for the ICRC opening a new office in Hargeisa.

The ICRC boss praised the government of Somaliland for treating the Tukaraq prisoners of war in a humane manner. ICRC delegation also talked with the president about the stoppage of war between Somaliland and Somalia following war that transpired between the two countries inside Somaliland’s territory of Tukaraq.

The president stated that Somaliland always follows the Islamic Law of treating prisoners in a humane way. Furthermore the prisoners’ families are allowed unrestricted access to prisoners.

President Bihi said that the government of Somaliland had implemented the cessation of hostilities in Tukaraq hamlet as per the agreement with the international community. He added president of Somalia call of cease fire   a gimmick since Somaliland had already heeded the international community call.

By: Mohammud Warsame Jama

Presidential Spokesperson


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