Somaliland: Vice President visits school for physically disabled children



HARGEISA– The Vice-President of Somaliland Hon. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail alias “Sayli’i”  has visited special needs school in Hargeisa on Wednesday where children with blindness, deafness and those with mental retardation go for studying. More than 200 students with physical disabilities are currently studying in the school. The mission behind the VP’s visit to the school was to assess the current needs of the school.

Ms. Khadra, the school director has received the deputy president upon arriving at the school premises and has briefed him on the challenges that it faced and the the achievement it has made since its inception. School director has expressed thanks to the government of Somaliland for its support. Ms. Khadra has said that students with mental illness are in the school. The school director has called on the government to double its efforts in supporting the needs of the school. Somaliland’s vice president, Hon. Abdirahman has pledged to increase the support that the government provides to the special needs school.

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