Somaliland & Abkhasia to establish bilateral ties- deputy FM


Somaliland’s Assistant Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Hon. Liban Yusuf Osman is attending a conference in Brussels, which is being organized by crans montan forum.

The conference is attended by African leaders and is aimed at discussing ways to boost international cooperation in the areas of Ports and Sea security for the African continent. It is also discussed on ways to consolidate the working ties in the areas of immigration departments in Africa. The high level conference is now in attendance by ministers, Prime ministers, and former African leaders. Sudan’s minister for presidential affairs, Gabon presidential affairs minister, defense minister for Macedonia, ambassadors from Russia, the United State of America, Belgium and the former Malian president are in attendance.

The current deputy FM of Somaliland, speaking at the summit has reiterated that 27 years that Somaliland has reclaimed its independence from Somalia and is playing a huge role in boosting maritime security and cross border movement compared to Somalia which has descended into chaos and anarchy after the collapse of its central govt in the 1990’s.  Mr. Liban has said that Somaliland is enjoying a period of peace, stability and security with its neighbors despite insecurity marred by the Horn of Africa. He said that Somaliland has maintained its law and order and is carrying out development projects for its populace.

He further stressed that there is multi party politics and has called the int’l community and the UN to have a consideration into Somaliland’s calls for a re recognition after years of ignorance for its quest for statehood. He said Somaliland has fulfilled all criteria for a statehood. The deputy Somaliland FM met with his Abkhasian foreign minister and the mayor of Abkhasia at the sidelines of the conference.  It is agreed that Somaliland & Abkhasia must establish bilateral ties and an invitation was extended to Somaliland where a delegation will pay visit to Abkhasia in August this year. Mr. Liban met with Taiwan head of mission to Brussels at the sidelines of the conference where they pledged to raise Somaliland calls for recognition to the EU parliament.



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