Somaliland: President Receives Abaarso Tech Student Graduates


HARGEISA– The President of the republic of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has received students who graduated from Abaarso Tech School, instructors and school parent committee. The Head of State met with students at the presidential mansion on Tuesday.

The President was accompanied by the minister of education, Prof. Yasin Mohamoud Hiray alias Faraton, presidential affairs on technology affairs, Mr. Ibrahim Dahir Dubad, Ms. Amal Ahmed Yasin, presidential affairs on women’s affairs, parliamentarians, and school parent committee. His Excellency, President Musa has been briefed on the stages that the school went thorough since its inception and the achievements that the students made in attending foreign universities particularly the United States. Majority of Abaarso Tech School students who went abroad to pursue their tertiary studies have returned home after graduation. Senior Abaarso tech school management who spoke all stressed that the students who went overseas for studies have achieved to secure the first position in the exams.

Mr. Hamse Faisal Aabi and Ms. Ubah Abdi Ali have both of them underscored that they learnt knowledge from the school which had a tremendous impact on their life. The duo have urged all Somaliland student citizens who leave abroad for studies should return back home to provide their knowledge back home. Mr. Bihi speaking at the event has extended thanks to the school management, teachers, students and parent committee and further pledged to rally behind Abaarso Tech school.

He congratulated on the graduates for the positions that they have secured in the universities that they have attended. The president has not hesitated that the students have done well in the prestigious foreign universities. He also said that they students have endured the difficulties that they faced with during their studies. Abaarso Tech is located in Abaarso town which lies in the outskirts of Hargeisa, Somaliland capital particularly in the west. The school send students to universities including the likes of YALE,  Connecticut  Massachusetts( MA), Harvard, Columbia, New York(NY), BROWN, Rhode Island and Amherst. The president received students who completed their studies, those who are still pursuing and those that are getting ready to be sent to overseas for their higher studies.



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