Somalia Receives A cache of Weapons despite violating the arms embargo



A row has broken out over the cache of weapons that the Somali Federal Govt received on the 22nd of last month. The weapons arrived at Aden Ade airport.

According to reports the weapons included 300 of AK 47 guns, 300 pistols, ammunition and other military equipment. It is reported that Somali Federal govt did not aware the arrival of weapons in the airport. The United Nations Security Council was not informed about the arrival of a cache of weapons as stipulated by the arms embargo imposed on Somalia.

The weapons were intercepted in the Red Sea by Djibouti Marines and were bound to the Houthi insurgents in war torn country of Yemen. Contacts that Voice of America particularly the Somali services  to Djibouti ministry of interior, ministry of interior of Somalia, head of security to Banadir regional and the office of Somalia Prime Minister all ended in vain.




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