UN says 12,000 IDP”s displaced in Tuka Raq Conflict as Puntland & Somaliland fighting for the control



Somalland government has categorically denied of accusations that deputy UN Secretary, has claimed that more than 12, 000 Internally Displaced People have fled from Tuka Raq due to the conflict and skirmishes between Somaliland armed forces and Puntland militia soldiers. Somaliland has called on Mr. Peter De Clerk to present evidences proving that people have been displaced in the town.

UN undersecretary Mr. Clerk has urged the warring sides to refrain from an acts that would to lead to unrest and violence in the region. Mr. Clerk further stated that there is a humanitarian situation in Sool and Sanaag regions but due to the protracted conflict in the region created that 12000 internally displaced people have fled from the conflict zone and the international organizations are providing the right protection and caring. The UN undersecretary said that tension remains high as both sides are massing army reservists as fire exchanged in the last couple of days between the two sides in the front lines.


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