A Form Four Student Uses His Legs To Write Somaliland Secondary School Final Examination



Gabiley — A form four student called Elmi Daahir Abdillahi who is handicapped because he does not have both hands sat his final Somaliland Secondary Schools Examination in Gabiley. Master Elmi used his legs to write his papers. The exams started on Saturday 30th 2018 in all regions of the country. Speaking to a local television station Saab TV master Elmi said that he does not have any difficulty in adjusting to writing with his Legs. He confirmed that he started school in standard one in Gabiley region of Somaliland and has since been a student up to now that he is sitting for his final examination.

He added that examination stealing has become a threat hard working students who have put their time to study honestly. Master Elmi said that in this advent of technology the use of mobile phone as a tool for examination cheating will dent the objectives of national examinations.



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