Somaliland: Govt Blocks Internet to stop exam cheats



Somaliland authority has decided today to block social media sites across the country.

The ministry of technology in conjunction with the ministry of education have made a joint announcement that all social media outlets will be shut down once the high school and intermediate school exams are taking place in nationwide.

This was disclosed in a joint press conference that the ministers of technology and the education held which they said that the mission is meant to be fair for all students who are sitting for the national exams whether they have access to social media or not.

The closure will be in place until the exams will be concluded in nationwide.

The ministers have asserted that Twitter, Facebook, Imo, What’sup, Instagram and Telegram will be shut down but further said that all other internet the likes of websites and e-mails will be operational.

The social media will be blocked during the hours students are taking their national exams but once exam hours are over the social media outlets will be accessible to all nationals across the nation. This is the first time that Somaliland authority blocked social media during the national exams.




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