Somaliland: Govt Informs Private Clinics to provide patient records to the health ministry



HARGEISA– Health Ministry has apprised of private clinics in Somaliland to share patient health records and the people that they offer treatments.

This was disclosed by the health minister, Dr. Hasan Ismail Yusuf who has reiterated the importance of sharing the health records treated in private clinics so that the ministry has to know which diseases are rampant in Somaliland. The minister has said that the mission behind this is to provide the right medications for tackling such diseases that are widespread in the country. Somaliland’s minister for health has made the above remarks during a speech that he has delivered at the official opening of a private clinic inaugurated in Hargeisa. The minister has informed all private clinics across the country to bring patient health records to ministries regional offices in the country.

Somaliland which is internationally recognized does not provide its citizens to free healthcare although the country is run by a meager budget generated from taxes paid by its nationals.



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