Somaliland: Women Umbrella Organization Nagaad Encourage Women to Join Politics




Umbrella for women organizations Nagaad held a women only meeting at the prestigious Mansoor Hotel.  The umbrella organization commended the president of the republic H.E Musa Bihi Abdi for earmarking quotas for women parliamentarians and councilors in the 2019 elections.

This is according to Somaliland News Agency reporters at the meeting. The ruling party Kulmiye secretary general Mr.Hassan Saeed Yusuf, top Nagaad officials and the chairmen of the women affairs from the three national political parties occasioned the meeting.

The second vice chairman of Nagaad Women Umbrella Organization Mrs.Khadra Omar Hassan thanked the head of state for giving women the opportunity to represent their interest in parliament and council. She called on women voters to vote for their gender so as to further women causes in politics.

Philanthropist Edna Adam Ismael said that time has come for women to take their role in national building through joining political parties. She urged the three national political parties to make sure women have fair representations in their parties or else they will lose out on women voters support.

Ruling party secretary general Mr.Hassan Saeed Yusuf said that president Musa Bihi Abdi was fulfilling the promises made during the electioneering period. He congratulated the head of state for allocating women their share of the national cake.

Mrs.Hukun Ali Dahir an official from the women affairs of the opposition party UCID thanked the president for giving women the platform to voice their interest and rights in politics.

Also speaking at the meeting was the women rep for the opposition national party Wadani Mrs.Asha Mohammud, the chairman of women affairs of the ruling party Kulmiye Mrs.Dalays Shire Farah  and the director of Nagaad women organization Mrs.Nafisa  Yusuf all of whom called of the national political parties to give women their share of political seats in parliament and the councils.



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