Somaliland: President Meets with Heads of Judiciary


HARGEISA– The President of the republic of Somaliland HE Musa Bihi Abdi has met with the country’s chairmen of Somaliland Supreme court and other heads of regional chairmen in the country. Heads of regional and district courts as well as appellate courts were in attendance of the meeting which was held at the presidential palace on Wednesday.

The mission of the gathering was to find a solution to the constraints that the judiciary sectors have encountered. Heads of provincial courts have shared the president with accomplishments and areas that the president can provide support to the judiciary department. They have said in unison that the biggest challenge that they are faced with is all about lack of vehicles and buildings. They have appealed to the president to speed up the execution of cases that have finalized by the courts so that the citizens should have a fair justice.

Once justice is done then that would pave the way for maintaining peace and national security. They have underscored that huge accomplishment has been made and that there is a sense of freedom when it comes to the judiciary. First of all, the president congratulated on well done job with the judiciary department and have acknowledged the obstacles that they are faced with. The president, Musa has pledged to work with the judiciary to overcome current constraints and join hands with them. The president has promised to fulfill all finalized court cases which is important to the stability and national security.



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