Somaliland President Confirms the Start of Berbera Port Modernization Project


Somaliland head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has lift the lid on the date of commencement of Berbera International Port modernization project. President Bihi revealed that the project will begin earnestly in January 2019. He also confirmed that the tarmac road between Berbera town and the border town of Wajale will also follow suit.

This is according to information circulated by Somaliland News Agency ( to news rooms. The commander in chief of Somaliland army was speaking during the celebrations of the 58th anniversary of Somaliland independence from Britain.  Somaliland was amongst the first African countries to regain her independence from Great Britain on 26th June of 1960.

The president stated that the feasibility study of the project had been completed and now what remains the announcement of the competitive bidding process for the multinationals companies to fight it out to win the bid to start the project.

He added that a free zone terminal being constructed and hopes it will attract investment into thte country.

President Bihi said that Somaliland is open to business and urged international investors not to hesitate in putting their money in Somaliland a safe haven for prosperity.

On the other side of the coin the president sent his congratulatory message to the people of the Republic of Djibouti who will mark their independence from France on 27th June 2018.

The Somaliland head of state praised the Ethiopian PM Mr.Abiy Ahmed of bringing business into the Horn of Africa by signing many worthwhile projects with nations in the region. He condemned the recent bombing of Addis Ababa as a terrorist act that should not be condoned.


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