Somaliland Former Information Minister to vie for Kulmiye Ruling Party Chairman



HARGEISA– Ex-Minister of Information under President Silanyo’s administration, Hon. Osman Abdilahi Sahardid alias “Adani” has announced on Wednesday that he is vying for the chairman of ruling Kulmiye party.

The former minister has made this revelation during a press conference held in Hargeisa. Mr. Adani has said that he has a political ambition which he is about to pursue and added that he can contribute to rebuilding of Somaliland if given a shot.

Mr. Osman, the former minister has asserted that he does not want to challenge the incumbent party chairman, the president of the republic of Somaliland but said that once the sitting president relinquishes his political ambition then that there is a possibility for him to throw his name into the ring.

Mr. Adani has stated that unless the president decided to transfer the chairmanship then he can run for the post. He made clear that he made many friends in the party and further said that he does not want to speak this issue at this time but stated firmly that he will speak when time comes.





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