Qatar Airways, SFG and Somali Businessmen seek to put Somali Flag Carrier Back to the Skies


DOHA–According to reports coming from Doha, Qatar’s capital confirm that a deal has been reached where Qatar Airways, Somali Federal Govt and Somali businessmen are expected to revive Somalia’s long-defunct flag carrier, Somali Airlines. It is agreed that Qatar Airways will have a share of 30 %, Somali Federal Govt will get a share of 40 % while Somali businessmen also will get 30 percent.

It is announced in Doha that Qatar Airways will provide 4 airline carrier to put former defunct flag carrier back to the sky. The current Somali Federal Govt is seeking to put the Somali airline back to the skies. Somali Airlines was grounded in 1991 when Somalia’s central government collapsed.



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