Somaliland’s First Female candidate for the parliamentary election announces her candidature


GEBILEY– Ms. Nafisa Mohamud Shirwa, a lawyer by profession is the first female to have announced her candidature for the upcoming parliamentary election which is slated to happen in Somaliland in 2019.

A well  organized ceremony was held in Gebiley today which was attended by her supporters from all walks of life. Supporters who spoke at the function have said that Ms. Nafisa who is vying for the parliamentary election in Somaliland will be elected and will do lead the nation to progress.

Gebiley has the first female mayor and Ms. Nafisa is the first female candidate that has thrown her name into the ring. Somaliland cabinet recently approved a quota for women representation in the government and outcast clans.

Ms. Nafisa has vowed to serve for all those who will vote for her in the coming elections and the whole Somaliland populace.


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