Somaliland: Head of State sends a cable of congratulation to the populace on the occasion of 26th June


The Head of State HE Musa Bihi Abdi has sent a cable of congratulations to Somaliland populace on the 58th anniversary of 26th June which Somaliland gained its Independence from the British Protectorate in the 1960’s.

The President said that all Somalilanders at home and abroad now enjoy living in peace and a liberty after the long struggle for recapturing their independence.

The President sent a message to Somali Federal Govt discouraging them not to instigate an animosity in the region. Hon. Musa Bihi has reiterated that Somaliland stands for peace and is not ready to engage warfare with its neighbors.

The South (Italian Somalia) joined with Somaliland which was under the British protectorate to form the greater republic of Somalia in the 1960’s.





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