Somaliland: Army Chief Tells Puntland Not to Dream of Controlling Tuka Raq Once Again


Somaliland’s Army Chief tells Puntland authority not to dream of retaking the control of Tuka Raq town once again. Brigadier General Nuuh Ismail Tani has made the remarks at a function where the government was carrying out a development projects in Tuka Raq.

The Army chief told that the vice president of Somaliland laid the foundation of the projects and further added by saying that the defense forces stationed in the town for five months. The Army Chief said that a road of 5 km and Maternity Health Center have been implemented for the 5 months that Somaliland has been in control of the town.

Hon. Nuuh Tani has promised that other projects are in the pipeline as far as Tuka Raq development is concerned. The army chief has stated that the presence of Somaliland will not create problems to the residents but is working on projects aimed at developing the town. He said that Somaliland will develop the town as it has implemented projects for the short time that it controlled the town. He made an analogy that Puntland has failed to carry out projects in a bid to gain the hearts and minds of residents as it controlled the town for ages.



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