Somaliland says it will take the right action over Somalia’s airspace takeover unilaterally


HARGEISA–Somaliland authority has said that it will take the right thing to do when it comes to Somalia’s Federal Govt unilateral takeover of the airspace management from ICAO just a couple of days ago.

Somaliland’s transport and road development minister, Hon. Abdilahi Abokor has said that Somaliland will take an action which will have a negative impact in the region once Somalia authority is turning a blind eye to the airspace accord signed in Istabul which stipulated that Somalia and Somaliland must jointly administer the air space from Hargeisa and Mogadishu once a commission from both sides are appointed and the revenue will be equally shared.

The minister has asserted if Somalia sticks to its unilateral takeover of the airspace without the consultation of Somaliland then the decision will pose a serious peril to the safety airlines traveling in Somaliland’s airspace.

Hon. Abdilahi has said that in the last meeting between Somalia and Somaliland which was held in Nairobi that Somalia agreed to respect the previous Turkey accords on airspace management.

The current transport minister has defended the notion saying that the incumbent predecessor, Mr. Silanyo is blamed for the handover of the airspace to the Somalia authority and the minister responded by saying that Mr. Silanyo took arms against former Somalia leader Said Bare to seek the rights of Somalilanders which is not now possible to allow the South to assume the airspace unilaterally.



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