Puntland Leader is to address the parliament on Tuka Raq War


The President of Puntland, Mr. Abdiweli Gaas is due to address to the parliament of the regional state in its capital Garowe today.

Mr. Gaas will open the 41st session of Somalia’s regional state parliament where he is expected to make a long speech touching thorny issues the likes of Tuka Raq war which Puntland is waging under the pretext of clan affiliation.

Mr. Gaas will also talk about his government priories and the parliament is expected to return from a recess today.

It is said that the president will ask the parliament to rally behind the soldiers fighting against Somaliland army in Tuka Raq.

In addition, Mr. Gaas will stick to the decision as the right one to go to war with Somaliland as it is said that the move is all about aggrandizement.

The mission of Puntland militia fighting with Somaliland is for the emancipation of Sool region which under the control of Somaliland.




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