Somaliland boycotts the attendance of donor conference in Brussels


HARGEISA– The Somaliland government is said to have boycotted the attendance of a high level conference which is due to open in Brussels on the 28th June where int’l donors are supposed to allocate aid to Somalia.

According to reports confirm that Somaliland has received a formal invitation to the summit but it is reported that Somaliland has decided not to go to the gathering.

The gathering has been delayed as it was scheduled to kick off on the 16th of July.

The decision reached by Somaliland not to attend the high level gathering has not been fully explained but this move was also taken by the previous administration led by former Somaliland president Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo who refused to send a high level delegates from Somaliland to a conference held in Denmark in 2014 and the incumbent administration led by Hon. Musa Bihi is following the foot steps of his predecessor.

Silanyo government also rejected the attendance of a conference held in Brussels in 2013 and the Somali government under the administration of Hasan Sheikh Mohamoud has made the invitation to Somaliland which it was furious.

The Farmajo led government in Somalia has turned down the int’l community to renew the Special arrangement with Somaliland which has paved the way for IC to allocate aid to Somaliland through its channels.




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