Somaliland Marks World Refugee Day in Hargeisa



HARGEISA– The country’s Vice President attends the commemoration of World Refugee Day held in Hargeisa today.

The VP has called on Somaliland citizens to welcome and treat with dignity with all refugees currently staying in the country. He further said that the refugees must respect the local culture and live in dignity and peace in Somalland.

Mr. Abdirahman Sayli has urged refugees to refrain from breaking the country’s laws.

World Refugee Day is marked on the 20th of June every year around the globe.

Somaliland accommodates 19581 refugees staying in the country with the protection of the govt.

Majority of refugees in Somaliland are those that have fled from the war torn country of Yemen which has descended into chaos. There are Ethiopian refugees mainly from the Oromo ethnicity.


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