Somaliland is not concerned with the agreement between Somalia and Ethiopia


The government of Somaliland has spoken about the recent visit by Ethiopia’s PM Mr.Abiy Ahmed to Mogadishu, Somalia whereby bilateral agreements were signed by both parties. The minister of information culture and national guidance Mr.Abdirahman Abdillahi Farah Diriye (Guri-Barwaqo) who spoke to the media today confirmed that Ethiopia/Somalia agreements is not binding to Somaliland which is an independent country.

“Ethiopia is a sovereign country and has the right to sign agreements with whomever it wishes that’s not our business; in this respect that agreement won’t affect Somaliland wellbeing whatsoever.” The minister of Information stated.

The minister of information cleared the air about the inclusion of Berbera port to four ports the government of Somalia and Ethiopia agreed to construct and develop  he said “There some things we have to use logics to reason for instance Somaliland, Ethiopia and the UAE signed a tripartite agreement in Dubai. Hence there is no other agreement in the name of Berbera port that Ethiopia will sign with Somalia. They should not confuse people everybody knows Somalia and Somaliland are to separate countries Somalia is Somalia and Somaliland is Somaliland.”

When asked about Somalia and Ethiopia point of agreement that stated both countries should respect the independence and the politics of the other he had these to say “Politically that agreement does not concern Somaliland, for example the man dreaming about Somaliland and what is inside his mind we cannot judge but the unity they are talking about is the Somalia’s regions such as Puntland,Jubaland and others this does not pertain Somaliland.”

Minister Guri-Barwaqo went on to answer the uttering of the Somalia information minister who said that the Mogadishu administration is not against the tripartite agreement between Somaliland, Ethiopia and the UAE.

He went on to state that Somalia regime is opposed to other countries signing biteral agreement with Somaliland. However the UAE cannot cancel an agreement reached with Somaliland to jump to another bandwagon and sign with Mogadishu.

Speaking about the ports signing deal by Mogadishu Mr.Guri-Barwaqo said “If Somalia is signing new agreement with the UAE leasing her ports the likes of Kismayo, Barawe or even Mogadishu that is their prerogative. Nevertheless the Berbera agreement has been signed between Somaliland and the UAE and is here to stay.”

Minster Guri-Barwaqo said that Somalia did not wake up from the slumber now and Mr. Farmajo his administration officers were all aware of the agreement. Furthermore the government of the UAE cannot sign another agreement with Mogadishu since the Somaliland/UAE memorandum is binding.


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