“Somaliland and Somalia need to start Talks on tukaraq conflict”


Prof. Ismael Mohammud Hurre Bubaa

Hargeisa – Prof. Ismael Mohammud Hurre Bubaa a Somaliland politician from the opposition National Party (Wadani) has said that it is perplexing and flabbergasting to hear that Puntland is claiming part of Somaliland legitimate territorial border.It went further to attack Somaliland army stationed inside Somaliland sovereign border town of Tukaraq then announced to the world that Somaliland has attacked Puntland. The Sool Province fiasco, particularly the Tukaraq saga is for the Somalia and Somaliland government to reach armistice not Puntland a mere province of Somalia.

He was speaking during an exclusive interview with the Horn Newspaper whereby he also talked about the recent lift of Somaliland livestock export ban by the government of Saudi Arabia. “Somaliland has an international border with many countries, but Puntland wants Somaliland territory through tribal connections. Somaliland and Somalia need to start the talks and a third party like Puntland should not be allowed to interfere with the talks.”

About the Saudi lift of ban on Somaliland livestock he said “I welcome the lift of the ban because our economic wellbeing and the fight of inflation is interconnected with the foreign exchange tricking back to the country.

The Horn


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