Residents in Garowe & Galkayo hold rallies in support of Puntland waging war against Somaliland


HARGEISA— Residents in Garowe and Galkayo hold peaceful demonstartions in support of Puntland’s aggression against Somaliland today according to reports.

The protesters who marched across the two townships main streets were chanting slogans expressing their support to Puntland soldiers which went war with Somaliland defense forces stationed in Tuka Raq.

The peaceful demonstrators have called on the emancipation of Sool region which is under Somaliland control.

The tension is running high between Somaliland and Puntland and reports further confirm that Puntland deployed militia soldiers in the frontline so as to carry attacks against Somaliland forces.

The United Nations efforts in conjuction with IGAD body is failing as Puntland’s president has dismissed calls from the International community which is trying to end the hostilities between the two authorities.

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