Puntland subject inhumane beatings against two women from Somaliland


HARGEISA– Somaliland authority has condemned with the strongest possible terms to the torture and beating against two women who hail from Lasanod and who have been badly beaten in Garowe.

The torture and barbaric beatings subjected to the duo was confirmed by Lasanod’s regional governor, Hon. Abdi Khaire Dirir.

The two who sustained serious injuries were transported from Garowe, Puntland’s provincial capital to Lasanod and the regional governor received them in the city outskirts.

Ms. Anab Ali Haji and Ms. Sahra Ahmed Garad have been beaten with sticks and knives by civilians in Garowe.

One of the woman fainted due to the beating and Somaliland authority has provided medical intensive care.

The governor has asserted that the two women have been beaten due to their ideology of Somaliland and condemned the attack with the strongest possible terms.

Mr. Abdi Khaire, Lasanod’s regional governor has said that such barbaric attack indicates the deep hatred and animosity that Puntland is instigating in the region.

The governor has dismissed allegations made by Puntland authority which accused the duo of espionage.

He said that they have targeted due to their Somaliland and Sool’s stance.

He made clear that Somaliland is to keep the norm and will protect Puntland citizens living and studying in Somaliland at the moment.





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