President of Puntland Uses People of Lasanod as Decoy following Failure to Win War with Somaliland



The drum beating by the Puntland president Mr. Abdiweli Gaas inciting his countrymen to go to war with Somaliland has taken him to oblivion. This year alone he has attacked Tukaraq in Sool province of Somaliland twice and on both occasion he has suffered a massive defeat. According to political pundits Mr.Abdiweli Gaas wanted to use the sons of Puntland as sacrificial lambs to vouch for his presidential campaign expected to be held in December 2018.

The people of Garowe, Bossaso and a section of Qardo are closing monitoring Mr.Abdiweli Gaas move to take Puntland into war at the eleventh hour of his administration tenure, a war his men were outnumbered and outmatched in firepower and manpower.  In this respect the tribal propaganda of assembling clan militias has been put on hold because the people have realized the truth of matter since this is Abdiweli war to further his political agenda.

According to confidential information I acquired from some top military echelons in Garowe and Hargeisa confirmed what Mr.Abdiweli Gaas feared to be known. The Puntland military was destroyed and the defeated in the Tukaraq war hence cannot dare fight another war and simply cannot sustain a full military offensive against the Somaliland military.

It is no secret that the Puntland army defeat against the Somaliland led on the 14 day of this month the Puntland intelligence chief   Mr.Abdirisak Issa Hussein also known as Khatumo was sacked alongside the PPS boss Mr.Abdillahi Adan Mohammed (Abdillahi Ulle) were fired because of the Puntland military defeat in Somaliland. The loss was christened the bad luck adventure war.

Political commentators in Puntland believe that the four years Mr.Abdiweli has been steering Puntland the country has been on the decline thence his plan B to revive his political capital however the problem is that he lacks experience in military and security affairs.

Furthermore president Gaas after realizing that he cannot afford to fight another war he has changed tactics and is trying to use a lot of money to buy support.

Some people close the president of Puntland based in Garowe decided to sponsor women and youths of Lasanod town to demonstrate. Some were even given small arms to fight the security men of Sool region. Nevertheless this endeavor failed to materialize hence the second strategy was to use the televisions, radio stations and websites to broadcast ant-Somaliland propaganda misinforming the international community that the Somaliland government is abusing the people of Lasanod.

Another ploy of the clandestine plan was to tarnish the reputation of Lasanod and Buhodle legislators in the Somaliland parliament.

The president of Somaliland addressing the country during the Eid celebration called for peaceful coexistence with Somaliland’s neighbors whereas the Puntland president called for war.

President Abdiweli Gaas has stooped to low up to the extent of using school children and women to fight his war since he cannot sustain a military war following his numerous defeats bat the hand of Somaliland army.

By: Omar Mohammed Farah


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