Somaliland: Puntland Rejects Peace Settlement prosposed by the In’tl Community



HARGEISA– Somaliland says it has welcomed United Nations and IGAD’s efforts to declare truce between Somaliland govt and militia soldiers backed by Puntland which skirmished in the town of Tuka Raq.

Puntland, a federal state in Somalia has dismissed the relentless attempt from the international community to end the hostility between the two sides. Somaliland has fomally accepted the move to declare a ceasefire and is to start talks with Puntland authority.

The president of Puntland, Abdiweli Gaas has rebuffed the peace agreement proposed by UN and IGAD but said that he will only make peace with Somaliland unless certain demands are met.

Firt of all, Mr. Gaas has said that Somaliland must withdraw its armed forces from Tuka Raq. The President further reiterated that Somaliland must end the fighting and start talkning. Puntland’s refusal to accept UN and IGAD brokerered peace agreement is an obsticale to end the animoisty between Somaliloand and Puntland.

The Int’l community is due to make a decision in the days to come concerning the rejection of Puntland to accept the proposed peace accord. Puntland has categorically denied media reports that talks are to start with Somaliland as said by SL’s FM, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire.


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