Somaliland Allocates Seats for women Representation in Parliament



The cabinet met for the 14th time since President Musa Bihi Abdi came to power, following a protracted debate the electoral by-laws and voters’ registration exercise was discussed and passed, according to Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) reporting.

This electoral law pertains the presidential, parliamentary and council elections and voters registration exercise.

In another development the members of a minority clan called Gaboye and women have for the first time in the history of Somaliland been allocated quotas of seats in parliament and in local council. The Somaliland National Electoral Commission (SNEC), civil society organizations and the solicitor general office came up with the new figures to be allocated to these minority groups in both houses of parliament.

“The government has added to points into the draft legislations the first one is that the minority clan the Gaboye will be allocated seats in parliament and the council. Secondly women will also have their share of seats. We have realized that women consist of 50% of the populations hence we have deliberated that women should be given 18 seats in parliament. All national political parties should front 3 women in every region hence the six regions will send 18 women to parliament. The women will compete within themselves and the winners will represent their wishes in the house.” These was said by the head of state before the passing of the new law.

Speaking about this new law allocation for the Gaboye community “The political parties from now hence forth will give three seats to the Gaboye community one of which will be for a woman legislator. The ruling party Kulmiye has already earmarked the new quotas for the minority groups.” The president informed.

On the other hand the cabinet has put forward a development plan for the 2018 financial year which will commence from July to December. The proposition is to deduct 5% from the overall budget to boost the defense portfolio.  The president of the republic will deduct 20% from his remuneration; the vice president will take 15% less from his monthly package while members of the cabinet will reduce their salary by 10% to go toward the development kitty.

The ministers sent their congratulations to the armed forces of Somaliland based at the borders of the country for the selflessness in carrying out a national duty of utmost importance.

The cabinet passed the draft legislation, after which the president thanked them for shouldering the responsibility which now moves to the legislature for debating.

Meanwhile the women’s’ umbrella organization has welcomed the new draft resolution by the cabinet this is according to information disseminated by the Somaliland News Agency (


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