Mekelle University Official Visit To The University Of Hargeisa, Somaliland


HARGEISA–The University Of Hargeisa constantly maintains cooperation and collaboration with regional, national and international universities and partners for the sake of advancing academia.

On the 12th of May 2018 a team of delegates from Mekelle University paid the University Of Hargeisa an official visit. Mekelle University is the second biggest university in Ethiopia, the team of delegates from Mekelle University was headed by Prof.Kindeya Gebrehiwot the President of Mekelle University. The delegation was received by the University Of Hargeisa Administration.

The delegation spent five days in the Republic Of Somaliland in which time they’ve been a part of a series of meetings and togethers with the university of Hargeisa administration, both universities came to the understanding of Mekelle University to grant scholarships and various training regarding health and medicine, agriculture, veterinary and law to parties from the University Of Hargeisa.

The delegation also went on a field trip to the port of Berbera where they where given a tour of the port and the livestock conservatory, they’ve also spent time in Sheikh city where they visited the Veterinary School of Sheik.


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