Somalia Lawmakers Call on Puntland to bring an end to the hostilities.


MOGADISHU—Somalia’s law makers called on Puntland to cease the hostilities it is fueling  in the border regions with Somaliland. The MP’s have further suggested that the Somali authority must do all they can so as to diffuse the escalating tensions between Somalia and Somaliland. They said that using a barrel of gun would not end the war that broke out in Tuka Raq between Somaliland and Puntland.

Somaliland leveled accusations against the Somalia authority of inciting the unrest in the region. The lawmakers from both houses in Somalia accused Puntland of waging the war under the pretext of ethnic kinship and claiming of territory which is not under its control and belonging to Somaliland in terms of geography and border demarcations which dates back to the colonial era.

The MP’s have reiterated that the the greater Somalia came into being after the merging of Somaliland with Somalia in the 1960’s.




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