Somali Govt Provides Weapons to Puntland



HARGEISA— The Somali Govt sent three planes teemed with cache of wepaons last week to Garowe in a bid to support the war in Tukaraq town between Somaliland and Puntland. It is confirmed that the Saudi Kingdom provided the weapons to the Federal govt of Somalia.

Somalia’s former president, Hasan Sheikh Mohamoud signed a deal with Saudi Arabia to support the Somali authority and it is said that the Saudi govt has plegded to live up its promises.The Federal Govt is aiding and abetting Puntland state over its aggression against Somaliland authority.It is understood that the Somali President, Farmajo is fueling the war in Tukaraq.Somaliland incumbent president Hon. Musa Bihi has reiterared that the Somali authority is doing all they can to stand by Abdiweli’s aggression and violation of Somaliland’s territorial integrity. Saudi Kingdom provided Somalia contianders teemed with Ak 47, and ammunition.Experts have expressed a grave concern over the weapons brought to Somalia which could lead to a large scale war.



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