Somaliland: Army release 14 yrs old injured child soldier from Puntland


By Goth Mohamed Goth

A 14 years child soldier was among the recently prisoners of war captured by Somaliland defense forces during recent fighting with the Puntland and Somalia armed forces has being released to the custody of his parents on Saturday,

The child soldier whose name is Liban Abdi Ali, was injured and captured by Somaliland defense forces during the fighting with  Puntland and armed forces of Federal Somalia coalition offensive on a army base in the strategic town of Tukaraq , Sool region of Somaliland, last week.

Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Hussein, a local Human rights activist speaking to reporters moments after confirming that the young Liban Abdi Ali was released to the custody of his mother said,  “The child  soldier  release showed that Somaliland government respects universal child rights “reject Puntland’s and its Somalia led coalition crime of using children in war.”

The injured child soldier while recuperating at the hospital, his mother was informed of his current status and immediately granted access to her son upon arraval. Somaliland government handed $1,000 dollars in cash to cover their transport and other expenses.

Sacidyo Abdi Mahmud, the mother of injured child soldier thanked the people and government of Somaliland for releasing her son.

General Nuuh Thani , the commander of the Republic of Somaliland armed forces ordered his release while visiting hospital whereby those injured were undergoing treatment.

Unlike Somalia, Somaliland armed forces do not recruit child soldiers among its ranks.


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